You Can Buy From Us
You Can Buy From Us

You Can Buy From Us

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Driving license class A1 :

A category A1 driving license can be obtained by a young person under

the age of 18 who wants to ride a motorcycle. A category A1 driving license entitles you to drive a motorcycle with a displacement of up to 125 cc. The A1 driving license also entitles you to drive scooters and mopeds

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A category driver’s license allows you to drive 

  • Motorcycles (including those with sidecars) with a cubic capacity of more than 50 ccm and a design-related top speed of over 45 km/h as well as
  • Motor vehicles with three wheels and an output of more than 15 kW, a maximum design speed of more than 45 km/h and a displacement of more than 50 ccm for internal combustion engines.